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Cleanse Off Mitt




The nerdy bit behind Cleanse Off Mitt

Research and Development

For over two years The Skin Nerd  studied  various  weaves, materials,  compositions, microfibre depth, diameter all with a view to making an effective product while simultaneously being respectful to the skin. This is not an easy task! Many versions were not deemed kind enough to skin or suited to all. A mission was born! Hundreds of prototypes and many focus groups and conversations later the original Cleanse Off Mitt was born! Please note that The Skin Nerd is an innovative brand, highly focused at being at the forefront of the sector, and we can guarantee the product is constantly evolving while remaining innovative in its nature.


The fibres are made with advanced micro-technology. The fibres on the mitt are 30 times thinner than cotton fiber and up to 100 times thinner than a human hair! These tiny loops manage to break the surface tension that binds oil and makeup to the skin's surface, gently hooking the oil and removing debris. The Cleanse Off Mitt is fully free of any product and causes no irritation. All you need to do is add water to the mitt and let its mechanical nature scoop the debris from the pore.

How is it different to a regular facecloth?

A traditional facecloth is one-dimensional; it does not contain any loops as explained in How does Cleanse Off Mitt work? This means it does not have the ability to ‘scoop’ or ‘hook’ the makeup off gently. Traditional face cloths are known to harbour more bacteria due to their more dense fabric and inability to hang dry.