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At Jule we offer a full range of nail treatments. For quick and instant gratification pop in for a 15 minute file, Cuticle, push back & polish. However, if your nails are in need of some cuticle grooming book in for a 30 minute Jule Signature Protein Manicure. This protein treatment is proven to help nails that are inclined to peel or break. If you continue with the home treatment you will be guaranteed a full set of beautiful nails within a few weeks. 

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Nail Bar
File& Polish, Cuticle Push Back & standard Polish (Colour)  
File& Polish (French), Cuticle Push Back & std French Polish   
Jule 30 minute Manicure standard polish (Colour or French)  
Biab Nude  
Biab with Shellac  
Shellac Colour or French   
Shellac Colour or French plus Removal  
Shellac Removal   
Shellac Add on (to manicure)   
Acrylic Overlays (Dip Powder)  
Acrylic Overlays Removal & Reapplication (no extensions) (Dip Powder)  
Acrylic with extensions (Dip Powder) (no removal)  
Acrylic with extensions (Dip Powder) Removal & Reapplication   

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Come and enjoy the relaxation and tranquillity of our pedicure suite and give your feet the attention they deserve. We can offer you a full range of pedicure treatments or simply a quick file and polish. Our Jule Pedicure is a thirty minute treatment, which incorporates foot soak,cuticle treatment, heel & sole buffing and toe polish. For a more indulgent treatment why not treat yourself to a Luxury Pedicure. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, reward yourself with a Callus (Hydroxide) Peel. This is the World's Best Selling Pedicure treatment and when you see the results you will understand why. It contains sodium hydroxide and lactic acid which safely and without discomfort removes built up calluses.  
Pedicure Lounge
30 Minute Pedicure (Soak, Cuticles, File, Buff & Colour)  
File & Polish standard polish (colour or french)  
Medispa Callus Peel Pedicure         
Shellac on toes (no removal)  
Shellac Removal  
30 min Pedicure with Shellac    

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Luxury Pedicures

Thai Foot Soak, Exfoliation, Sole & Heel Buff, Hot Towel Compress, Mask, Heated Booties, Massage, Cuticle's, Long Lasting Polish Colour or French.

Luxury Lavender Pedicure
Luxury Coconut Milk Pedicure



Mum-to-Be Pedicure 

Thai Foot Soak, Exfoliation, Sole & Heel Buff, Hot Towel Compress, Mask, Heated Booties, Cuticles, Long Lasting Polish Colour or French. Includes refreshing mint soak to reduce swelling & gentle foot & leg massage to ease discomfort.

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We respectfully ask that you do not attend the salon if you are suffering from any kind of foot/nail infection.

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