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Swedish Massage

If you have any kind of back discomfort caused by stress, tension or simply poor posture this is the treatment for you. Your therapist will locate the areas which are causing your discomfort and will work on releasing the knots. Your therapist will ask you what level of pressure you are happy with, the treatment can be as deep or as light as you wish.

Swedish Full Body Massage (55mins) 
Swedish Back Massage (25mins) 

Jule Signature Massage

Try our Jule signature touch massage where we combine hot lava stones and classic Swedish massage movements to create a deeply relaxing and stress relieving massage.

Jule Signature Full Body Massage (55mins) 
Jule Signature Back Massage (45mins) 

Traditional Hot Stone Full Body Massage (1Hr 25mins) 

Let the heat of the stones penetrate deep into your muscles bringing about a sense of deep relaxation and total serenity. Scents of lavender and rosemary will awaken your senses whilst your therapist massages away the stress and tension which inhibits your body from working at its optimum. A truly indulgent experience and a wonderful gift.

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is specifically for individuals requiring deep tissue massage to alleviate sports injuries. It can be equally beneficial for individuals suffering from extreme tension in the muscles. The massage involves the use of elbows and the whole of the forearm. This is a results orientated massage and is not a relaxing treatment. Clients may feel sore for a day or two after treatment.

Deep Tissue Back Massage (25mins) 
Deep Tissue Full Body Massage (55mins)

Maternity Massage

A beautifully gentle massage designed to alleviate the issues of discomfort in pregnancy whilst rejuvenating heavy legs, easing tired muscles and relieving tension. Your specially trained therapist, will use a specific blend of essential oils that all combine to leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and rested. Clients must be past the first trimester to have this treatment. We do not engage in any deep massage this is specifically a relaxing treatment.

Back Massage (25mins) 
Full Body Massage (55mins) 

Thai Foot Massage (25mins) 

An ancient treatment from Thailand focuses on the meridian points of the foot and incorporates the lower leg and lower leg muscles. Promotes overall health and wellbeing.

Yonka Hydramist Massage

This is a deeply relaxing gentle massage encoporating the 5 Yonka essentials oils. A luxuriously therapeutic treatment. 

Yonka Hydramist Back Massage (35mins) 
Yonka Hydraamist Full Body Massage (70mins) 

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Reflexology (55 mins) (Swords & Ashbourne only)

An ancient chinese holistic therapy that works on the meridian points of the foot. Promotes balance and overall healing of the body by working on different systems (digestive, lymphatic etc). This massage is based on the ancient belief that each organ of the body corresponds to a reflex point in the foot. Using gentle thumb and finger pressure point massage of the foot your therapist can release blockages and re-establish the body’s energy flow. This then enables the body to heal itself. A course of treatments is recommended to bring the body back to a state of wellness.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (55 mins) 

A therapeutic blend of essential oils tailor-made to suit your needs... a natural body ritual to relax and unwind body and soul.

Indian Head Massage (40mins) 

This Eastern therapy is one of mind, body and spirit. By focusing on pressure points, your therapist will relieve headaches, reduce stress and ease tension. Massage incorporates the neck, head, shoulders and face.

Hopi Ear Candling with Face & Head Massage (40mins) 

This treatment is soothing and helpful for earache, headache, tinnitus, hearing problems, congested sinuses and excessive ear wax. It can also alleviate stress as many of the ingredients of the candles have calming properties. Treatment includes a face massage to ease sinus tension. (Face massage is not recommended if infection is present.)

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